Notice how the image "wraps" around the side of the wooden stretcher frame.

Notice how the image "wraps" around the side of the wooden stretcher frame.

If you plan to have your canvas artwork stretched as a "gallery wrap", we will prepare the canvas photograph with a two inch wide "mirror image" surrounding the actual image (at no additional charge). This two inch border allows for using up to a two inch thick stretcher frame for the "gallery wrapped" look. 

For example, if you ordered a 30x30 inch canvas photograph, the actual image size is 30x30 inches. The printed canvas area will measure 34x34 inches. We also include an additional inch of "white canvas"  .... (so the overall canvas you receive will measure around 36x36 inches)

Let your framer know that the outside two inch border should be wrapped around the stretcher frame. You can actually use a 1, 1 1/2, or 2 inch wooden stretcher frame. Use a stretcher frame that is the actual size of the photograph that you ordered. In this example you would use a 30x30 inch stretcher frame.

Here the 2 inch border is shown lighter than the actual image so you can see what we are talking about. On your canvas photograph the mirrored border matches the actual image in color and tone.


Our photographs on canvas are sprayed with multiple coats of a protective sealer for enhanced protection from UV light, moisture and abrasion. The satin finish sealer also gives the artwork a rich, non-glare surface with a subtle canvas texture.