Photographic artwork on acrylic image panels

Photography displayed on acrylic panels (Plexiglass, Perspex and Lucite are brand names of acrylic) offer a clean contemporary look with a deep glossy finish and vivid colors





Several ways how acrylic image panels can be displayed


1.  Mounted -  using metal standoffs

Panels can be shipped with pre-routed holes along with metal standoff's that support and hold the acrylic image panel securely to the wall. The acrylic panel can be placed directly onto the wall or be spaced an inch or two away from the wall for extra depth (depending on the depth of the standoff selected)

  • Corners are rounded (to prevent injuries caused by someone bumping into a sharp corner)
  • Standoff mounts available in several finishes and depths
  • Sturdy aluminium backing board is adhered to the back of the acrylic panel for extra stability and support (especially important for over sized panels)

2.  with a Spacer hidden behind the acrylic so the artwork apears to "float" on the wall

Panels can be shipped with spacer system secured to the back of the acrylic panel (hidden from view). The artwork is attached to the wall using the spacer system.  The acrylic panel appears to "float from the wall" depending on the depth of the spacer system. 

  • Corners can be rounded or square
  • Standard or thick acrylic can be used
  • No additional frame needed

3.  Framed -  USING wood or metal mouldings

  • Corners are square  (to fit in your frame)
  • Shipped to you un-framed (so you can provide the frame of your choosing)
  • Sturdy aluminium backing board is adhered to the back of the acrylic panel for extra stability and support (especially important for over sized panels) 

Creative Mats - for the look of a more "traditional matted photograph" we can create a digital "creative mat" for the photograph and print it directly onto the acrylic panel along with the photographic image.

The appearance of a traditional "mounted, matted and framed" artwork .... yet it contains no paper products (no paper photograph or paper mat boards). A great solution for healthcare installations where minimizing a bacteria and mold environment is important.. more abut our paper-free "Artwork for Healthcare" solution